Gossamer Spider Web of Trust

An Innovative and Progressive OpenPGP Web of Trust

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Website (you are here) at http://www.gswot.org/.

The Gossamer Spider Web of Trust conducts PGP key signing in addition to providing identity assurance for CAcert digital certificate products. You will need to meet with one of our assurers in person or be in possession of a trusted digital certificate product.

GSWoT Info Live

You can contact our administrative members by email, Google Talk, or any XMPP (Jabber) client. Please see our Contact page.

Public Keys

Fetch our correspondence key to secure your communication with us, or install our top-level key - or even our entire keyring!


PGP-Basics Mailing List

PGP-Basics is a community of inquiring and knowledgable persons who use GnuPG and/or PGP. Friendly, topic-oriented discussion and attentive moderators make this a great place to learn about using OpenPGP applications for personal use. Choose between mailing list only or Yahoo Groups subscription.


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