Mailing Lists

Send mail to to get help with using commands, where list is the name of the list (announce, arc, home, or introducer).

Subscribe to the lists by sending a blank message to the appropriate address:

Lists for GSIntroducers only:
Public mail list:

Sender Authentication

To enable posting from other than your subscribed email address, or through other than a session associated with your account, see the instructions below for adding additional addresses to be associated with your subscription.

The mailing list is somewhat aggressive in authenticating subscribers. Measures include SPF verification and message envelope checking. If you are unable to send to the mail lists from your subscribed email address, you will need to authorize the email address stamped as Return-Path (Sender) in your message headers. This will be the email address of the account you are using for sending mail - the SMTP user name assigned by your ISP in most cases. Below are examples to each of the mail lists requesting email address "" be allowed to send mail according to the rights of the mail list subscriber from whom the request is originating.

  •  <- this is our public mail list

So, your message would look like this (if you subscribed to the mail list from your address):

From: Your Name <>

This would add "" as an allowed sender for "" on the "announce" mail list.


The lists are archived on our Admin Site.

The lists are also archived on Google Groups.
Only GSIntroducers may subscribe to the private groups.
Subscription is not required for viewing the public archive (see below).

Announce -
Home -  <- this is our public mail list (subscription not required to view)
Introducer -

Google Groups Help -