PGP-Basics Mailing List

PGP-Basics on Yahoo! Groups is a community of inquiring and knowledgable persons who use GnuPG and/or PGP. Friendly, topic-oriented discussion and attentive moderators make this a great place to learn about using OpenPGP applications for personal use. Choose between mailing list only or Yahoo Groups subscriptions.
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PGP-Basics List Charter

The PGP-Basics List Charter explains the purpose and use of the PGP-Basics mailing list hosted on Yahoo Groups.

View the PGP-Basics List Charter.

PGP-Basics List Manual

The PGP-Basics List Manual is a resource guide to using OpenPGP messaging.

View the PGP-Basics List Manual.

PGP-Basics Encryption Help Team

Members of the PGP-Basics mail list volunteer to exchange signed and/or encrypted messages to help you work out the kinks in your new installation of an OpenPGP messaging application. You can volunteer to be added to the Encryption Help Team by submitting your contact details to PGP-Basics Encryption Help Team.

View the PGP-Basics Encryption Help Team roster.