• GSIntroducer FAQ
    • Common answers to common tasks for GSIntroducers.
    • Help build the FAQ. Make your suggestions in our private forum.
  • Mail List Management
    • Find out about what mail lists we offer and how to subscribe.
    • Learn how to satisfy our mail list software's strict authentication.


Official Keyring

  • Keyring
    • GSIntroducer Keyring
      • All keys trusted by our top-level key.
      • Download this keyring and point your OpenPGP application to use it.
    • GSIntroducer Keyring on Biglumber (deprecated)
      • Fetch one, many, or all GSWoT-trusted public keys.
  • Public Keys
    • GSWoT Top-Level Key
      • Our top-level signing key.
      • The hierarchal trust path of the GSWoT begins here and ends at keys signed by GSIntroducers.
    • GSWoT Document Sharing and Public Relations Correspondence Key
      • Our organization's public key for communications.
      • Use this key to correspond with us securely.